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A one stop destination for corporate houses, families and kids of all ages. A camping experience notched up slightly for a weekend getaway that youve long been craving. Weve managed to grab a sweet spot as the No.1 Specialty lodging in Sirmour district, Himachal. And wed love to retain that. Constantly working on developing further in the most eco-friendly manner, we aim to keep progressing to serve you better.We are not only offering extensive holiday services but also providing the options for the adventurous experience. Depending on your age, income level, and fitness condition, you can opt for cycling locations, a sailing adventure in Thailand, or a Safari holiday to Massai Mara game reserve. You will have a chance to explore rather close up and not behind the zoo cages the likes of Cheetas, elephants and many more. You will not be provided with the sleeping tents but will be offered with lodges which cater to the travelers of the western areas.


In the lap of Mother Nature, away from the mundane rut of our city lives, lies an opportunity for all of us to revitalize, refresh, and Re-Live! Its time we realize how important it is for us to pause, turn in, and re connect with our inner serenity, once in a while! A weekend get away, that re-installs in us exuberance and invigorates our essence, is indeed essential! It is now that the Journey within must begin! View Trip Holiday brings to you the path and platform for your very own journey to Happy-ness! 

The perfect place to rev up your soul, View Trip Holiday brings to you Concept Camping. The camping experience with us at View Trip Holiday will transcend you to Live-beyond the world, silently enjoying the caress of the morning sun, the drape of the dew and the swiftness of the wind. We promise a phenomenal exposure where your spirit shall be tuned to the soul of nature and where the Universe shall become your cottage.

The gushing waters of the stream crackle into a flow of uniformity, crafting natural ponds. Among the pads and the grasses, the pond sides make for a perfect evening leisure hub. The army of the Himalayan peaks surrounding the premises safeguard your fort, while you, your family and friends can look forward to recreational and bonding activities. With these adventure activities we aim to propagate and perpetuate team-building skills, interpersonal development, overcoming irrational fears, inculcating an adventurous attitude and of course making this an experientially learning process through fun and masti.

Activities At Camp

Burma Bridge (90 ft. long) 
The Burma Bridge consists of a bottom wooden ladder, which you walk on; connected to two cables, which are “hand rails”, Wearing a harness connected to a cable above your head. Even the slightest breeze has you wobbling precariously over to the one side. The famous words “don’t look down” are totally negated here, as you have to concentrate on placing your feet neatly on the ladder, while staring wide-eyed down at the potential plunge. Even though you know that, you cannot fall because you are strapped in and connected to the top cable.

The Zipline is a safe and a super fun activity. Flying by the seat of the pants, one can enjoy a fun filled ride and also let go of the fear of heights. There is almost 90% guarantee that anyone who has the fear of flying or of heights will feel like a new person altogether after this one!

Mowgli Walk is a real fun activity that people of all ages can enjoy. This shows how much one can balance and keep a properly confident body posture.

Most people can walk on the beam easily without holding the belay log, however, the perceived ability is usually much lower than the actual ability to walk the beam. This tests mental strength & persistence.

Learn the expert survival techniques of how ropes can be life savers!!

River Crossing requires clear communication as well as the passing of critical information from person to person. This event will show what happens when there are gaps in communication and the resulting frustration will be a source of long dialogue. It requires one person to hang from a rope (technique taught by the experts) and cross the river using the hand’s strength.This is a fun activity that your group will not forget and relates easily back to work.

Climb your way to a stronger body, mind & soul! Rock Climbing is a fun adventure activity meant for the brave & outdoors lovers. Explore the God’s own Rock with friends & family.

Rappelling in crude terms is the controlled descent down a rock face using a rope without any protection. This activity can help build self-confidence and also removes the fear of heights. 

Invite your friends for a worth experiencing nature trek in the 7 kms long Pine Forest jeweled with mother nature’s surprises.

Baden Powell was the man that bought this ancient techique of crossing rivers used by the armies to cross enemy territories from right here…India. Monkey Bridge is a bridge made literally of 3 ropes & is a fun activity to conduct in groups.

Discover a variety of rare bird species like Common Coots, Green Pigeons, Koklass Pheasant (Himachal’s State Bird), Black Patridge, Khaleej Pheasant, Scarlet Minivet, Blue Jay & many more….


– Accommodation in cottages of 10×12 ft. 6 units with attached bathrooms.
– Electricity connection available at the camp. Each tent has a connection and plug-point.
– Own stream and pond at the campsite.
– 24 hours security arrangement.
– Fully equipped medical kit available.
– Doctor on call 24×7. 
– The entire campsite is well lit.
– The campsite is disinfected before the arrival of the group each time. 
– 9 separate western style toilets.
– 7 separate baths.
– Hot, hygienic meals served via buffet system.


Imagine how it would be if someone keeps trespassing your home’s boundary without your permission to ruin what you’ve built with so much love. Leave No Trace is a simple culture that we follow here at our campsite. It may not seem so vital to follow these rules but the impact of visitors and campers is massive. 

It’s a must to always be prepared. Take out the time to carefully plan your outdoor camping trip while trying to minimize the damange to the environment. Hiking & camping lovers with improper planning can find themselves in a fix when faced with unforeseen expectations. 
1. Always be prepared for extreme weather, hazards & emergencies.
2. Time your trips for maximum efficient utilization of it. 
3. The natural areas should be visited by not more than 5-8 people at a time. 
4. Leftover food items, packets etc. should be carefully repackaged & foil, plastic items etc. should never be left behind.
5. Keep a small map & compass to remove the need for marking on trees & using other materials for checkpoints. 

NEVER leave your trash behind in the natural surroundings. It destroys the beauty & the Mother Earth herself. Camp responsibly! Make use of trash bags & inspect the campsite before departure. 

1. Prevent the contamination of the stream & avoid the use of soap entirely.

2. Plan your meal properly. Any leftovers should be buried deep in the ground or pit or should be carried outside the campsite. In fact, in some camps packing leftovers is mandatory.

1. If you find rocks, natural objects & plants, leave them as they are.

2. Do not dig trenches at the campsite, specially near the trees.

3. Do not hammer nails, boards etc. on the trees.

4. Conduct bon-fires in safe & open areas with little or no dry bushes.

5. Remember, good campsites are built, not found. 

Respect other visitors & their quality of outdoor experience. Everything you do shall reflect on the future campers. Let the sound of the jungle sing to you, so leave those CD players, radios & iPads home .


Flying Fox
Burma Bridge
Single Rope Walk
Monkey Bridge
Single Rope Walk
Mowgli Walk

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